“I been beat up my whole life, I been shot down kicked down twice, ain’t no stoppin’ me tonight, I’ma get all the things I like.”


There are a lot of contenders for my favorite hip hop album of 2017, and incredibly, three of them came from the same so-called “boy band.” BROCKHAMPTON was formed in 2012 by Kevin Abstract, and it boasts over a dozen members, each one bringing something unique to the collective from visual artists to producers to rappers.

There’s too much going on in this group for me to summarize quickly, so instead I’ll just point out a few things about this tremendous song from their December album Saturation III. 1) This beat goes hard as hell, just try not to nod your head to it. It’s impossible. 2) Instead of rapping in traditional verses, it’s like each member of the group got their own chorus. Every line is catchy as hell. 3) That said, I sometimes wish I could hear more bars from each of these rappers, but it’s hard to nitpick a track this incredibly dope. And finally, 4) here is some excellent supplemental animation from one of my favorite YouTube channels, worthikids.

Are these the best songs of 2017? Probably not. But in another sense, definitely yes. These are some songs that really made an impression on me for a variety of reasons. I hope you enjoy them. -pocoGRANDES

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