2017 in 10 Tracks: Courtney Barnett and Kurt Vile - Continental Breakfast

“I cherish my intercontinental friendships. We talk it over continental breakfast in a hotel in East bumble-wherever, somewhere on the sphere around here.” 


It’s been comforting to spend a lot of time with new music in 2017. With so much bad news in the world it feels like a bit of necessary self-care. And so I’ve chosen to end this mini-feature on the most heartwarming bit of music I’ve heard in ages.

Over the last few years Courtney Barnett has been releasing some terrific indie rock from her Melbourne, Australia record label Milk! Records. News of her collaboration with American indie-rocker Kurt Vile didn’t initially excite me much until I heard a track from it, and quickly realized this was a match made in musical heaven. Both singers have such charming and personable lyrics, their songs sound like a conversation between old friends. The video sells this fun, casual vibe perfectly, showing us snippets of each singer’s home life and family. Honestly, I can’t properly express how sweet this song is and how much it endears me towards these artists. Most of all, I want to extend an intercontinental hug to all my TAY friends. Thanks for making this place so great.


Initially I chose to write about ten tracks out of convenience and familiarity, but as I’ve been wrapping this feature up I’m mostly aware of the songs that didn’t quite make it. I’ll be collecting these 10 songs into a single post, and addending it with some of my favorite runners-up. Thanks for listening!



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