“...And however hard that might feel, at least it was real if it could hurt like that.”


Somewhere inside me there is a rebellious punk-rock kid deeply embarrassed by my love of this sensitive, crooning Swede and his sweet ode to the lingering smell of an estranged girlfriend. Luckily, as an adult I don’t have to impress anyone with how edgy or aggressive my music sounds (the 90's were a weird time). “What’s That Perfume...” brings together a fun disco-beat and the singer’s distinctly personal Lekman-esque lyrics to tell a sweet little story about memories of lost love. The track builds beautifully to a steel-drum chorus, managing to inspire both dancing and rueful tears in this listener.

Are these the best songs of 2017? Probably not. But in another sense, definitely yes. These are some songs that really made an impression on me for a variety of reasons. I hope you enjoy them. -pocoGRANDES

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