2017 in 10 Tracks: Mister Heavenly - Makin' Excuses

“No, I got work in the morning. Think I ate something with poison. I’m hearing voices, I chipped my front tooth, I am telling the truth I’m not making excuses.”


The indie-rock supergroup Mister Heavenly (featuring members of Islands, Modest Mouse and Man Man) returned in 2017 for its second album, improving on their first outing in pretty much every way I can think of. “Makin’ Excuses” stands out on a standout album; a fun lighthearted pop song that takes cheeky aim at modern anxiety. The wonderful video is the cherry on top, starring Tony Revolori (The Grand Budapest Hotel, Spider-Man: Homecoming), Jon Daly (Kroll Show), Angela Trimbur (The Good Place), and singer Dre Babinski, aka Steady Holiday. That’s a heckuva lot of talent for one music video.

Are these the best songs of 2017? Probably not. But in another sense, definitely yes. These are some songs that really made an impression on me for a variety of reasons. I hope you enjoy them. -pocoGRANDES

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