2017 in 10 Tracks: The Julie Ruin - I'm Done

“I’m sick of waiting around to be heard from six feet underground. And I’m sick of your disappointment, tasting like a bottle full of poison.”


Kathleen Hanna could easily be resting on her laurels right now; between Bikini Kill and Le Tigre I’m hard-pressed to think of a more influential voice in the DIY riot grrrl/punk scene, and yet here she is, fronting The Julie Ruin, and bringing the same hot fire she’s known for to the 2010's. This song is a fantastic ode to telling people “no,” and it feels cathartic just to watch her do it so gleefully.

Are these the best songs of 2017? Probably not. But in another sense, definitely yes. These are some songs that really made an impression on me for a variety of reasons. I hope you enjoy them. -pocoGRANDES

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