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pocoGRANDES: the man, the myth, the gift guide

If you’re reading this, hello secret santa! If you’re not my secret santa, no hello for you!

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What do I like?
Most things! My all-time favorite game franchises are the Souls games (esp. Bloodborne), Final Fantasy (esp. FF6), Hotline Miami (all. of. it.), or Metal Gear Solid (Kojima <3). Otherwise, I’m a big comics and manga and anime fan too. I know that is not very specific, but if it’s something you like a lot I’m probably going to like it too. I like lots of stuff!

What don’t I like?
I’m not a fan of Star Wars anything. Also, as much as I love t-shirts, my drawer is overflowing and I really don’t need any more (though I am a large in case you are dead-set on a t-shirt). If it’s nerdy or weird or just fun, then I’m game!


Things I’m kinda obsessed with right now but I already have so you shouldn’t get them, but maybe they’re helpful as reference points?
- Death Stranding
- The Immortal Hulk (comic)
- One Punch Man (reading the manga)
- My Hero Academia (watching the show)
- Bob’s Burgers
- His Dark Materials (watching the show)
- George Saunders the writer
- The new Tyler the Creator album

Happy holiTAYS!!

-pocoGRANDES <3

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