poco's Gift Guide

Hello mystery santa person reading this.

SO, GAMES. I like 'em. Maybe you give me some? Thank you. Thank you.

Sorry, I just feel a bit weird about this whole thing, like I would be happy with most gifts. In fact I would be happy just to get a nice letter from anyone on TAY. But whatever HERE GOES:

I own a ps2, ps3, vita, 3ds, wii U, gamecube, 64, snes, nes, genesis, and a lovely PC. My tastes are really broad, but I probably do most of my gaming on that PC. I built it this past spring, so it's pretty solid. Not mindblowingly fast, but able to run new games decently well. My steam ID is pocoGRANDES and if you were to look at my wishlist you'd get a pretty good idea of the kinds of games I like.


As for games I already have? Well let's just say there are a lot of them. Here is my spreadsheet. It's sorted by system (check the tabs on the bottom). It is 100% accurate and up-to-date. I do not f*** around with this stuff. Oh, but it actually doesn't include any of my pre-n64 stuff, because it's surprisingly hard to find reliable info about a lot of those older games...

So now that you've got all the relevant data, let's just hit some bullet points:


- Hotline Miami. The music, the art, the game, everything. I've already got my own "Jacket" jacket and I backed this awesome kickstarter, but I know there's still quite a lot of fan made posters and clothes out there... Redbubble is one place to find them.

- JRPGs, the classic-er the better. FFVI is likely my favorite game of all time.

- CRPGs, bring unto me your Gates Baldur, your Dales Icewind

- Turn-based strategy games, ala Civ or XCOM.

- Sometimes I just like fun AAA games, too. Actually I think I just like most games. I guess it'd be easier to say what kinds of games I don't like: RTS games, racing games, erm... I like some FPS but not really that Call of Warface: Battlezone stuff. Anything that's too competitive I tend to stay away from. But I do sometimes enjoy a goofy fun multiplayer, like Chivalry or Loadout.


- Knick knacks. Sculptures. Figures. Stuff like that.

- A lot of anime, but not all anime. Let's see, I love Space Dandy. Can't get enough Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. Paranoia Agent (and everything else by Satoshi Kon) is dope as heck. My most recent obsession has been One Piece, which I've watched like 400 episodes in the last 2 months. Holy crap that is a lot of One Piece.


- Shirt size is large, or sometimes a medium. I have been known to wear shirts.

Yeah, that's enough about me. Any questions from my secret santa? Make a burner account and comment on this! Happy holiTAYs!

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