Hello secret santa!

Let me start by saying that I own lots of systems and games. I've got a spreadsheet that I keep updated with them, and the only reason I'm not sharing it right here is that it's linked to my personal email via Google Drive, and I think u might be a HAXOR. :-P


However! My steam library should give you a pretty good idea to start with (id: pocoGRANDES). And otherwise, that's what this post is for!

Systems I Own: Not trying to brag here, but yeah, I've got a lot of systems. For current-gen I've got PS3, Wii U, 3DS and Vita. In addition, I also have a PS2, a N64, a Genesis, a SNES (and a Super Famicom), and a NES. Also, of course, I have a PC: dual-boot iMac, so Windows or Mac games are fine. It's from 2011, however, so I can't really pull off anything too fancy.

Franchises I Like: I've got very broad tastes. However, JRPGS win my heart forever. I own every main Final Fantasy title (except XI and XIV), but no spin-offs. I'm a big fan of Dragon Quest, though I've only played VIII and IX. I love Shin Megami Tensei (I own Nocturne, Digital Devil Saga I, Persona 3 and 4, and SMT IV). I've recently become reacquainted with an old friend named Mario, having been estranged for many years. I love Hotline Miami, and all its associated fan art and clothing. I also love Crusader Kings II and XCOM (both of which have new expansions coming out soon... hint hint). I like weird indie games I haven't heard of yet. I like Metal Gear Solid. I like lots of stuff! I'm pretty easy to please! For things that are not videogames, I like boxing (the sport, not the act of putting things in boxes) and comic books / manga of all kinds (but not really mainstream superhero stuff).

Clothing Size: Somewhere between a medium and a large. Usually a medium, but I bought a medium sweatshirt recently and it turned out to be a tiny bit too small :-/


Suggestions! Is this cheating? wHaTeVeR! So, I skipped the last gen of Nintendo products, which means my Wii U and 3DS have huge catalogs of Wii and DS games that I've not experienced. Those are welcome and appreciated. Also, you can't go wrong with some clothing or a poster from one of the aforementioned franchises (or even something else!). To wit: I am buying this for myself, so don't buy it for me. But it's pretty awesome, right? Stuff like that. Oh yeah, and I collect Japanese Super Famicom games. :-).

Happy holiTAYs! (thankyou, thankyou, I've been saving that one)