TAY Opinion Request for Computer-y People

Hey TAY, so let's get right to it: what do you think about this deal on Newegg?

In case you're clicking-averse, it's a DIY supercombo, and here are the specs:

ATX Mid-Tower Case w. 650 W Power Supply
Gigabyte GA-H61M-USB3H Micro ATX Motherboard
GeForce GTX 650 Ti 1gb
Intel Core i5 3.1 ghz Quad-Core
120 gb SSD
1 TB 7200 RPM HD


The whole thing costs $563.99, with a $20 rebate on top of that, so really $543.99. That's $135 off the list price of these parts individually.

Now here's my situation. I've been rocking a late-2011 iMac for the past few years. It's still a really solid machine. It handles my photoshop (CS4) and my Ableton Live without any difficulty. These are the things that I really need a computer for. In the scenario where I buy this, I would still keep my iMac.

However, as you probably could've guessed, my iMac is not exactly up to snuff in the gaming department. I've got it set up to dualboot windows, but that's more a temporary fix than a permanent solution. Most games released in the past year or two will cause it to show its age. Recently, Far Cry 3 had it practically begging for mercy. The Witcher 2 was somehow even worse.

Get to the point poco? Gladly, voice in my head!

So I know that these specs aren't exactly going to blow minds, but I'd think of this more as a stepping stone to an even better build. For example, I would obviously chuck some more RAM in there. And even I know that a GeForce 650 Ti isn't exactly a beast in the graphics department, so I'd probably be upgrading that in relatively short order too. But the question is: is it worth it to spring on this deal NOW, and enjoy the benefits of a marginally-superior machine? Or do I keep waiting, and keep an eye on similar deals? Do I buy my parts individually as they go on sale? What do YOU think about these specs? And hey, do you just want to talk about how you built your computer? Because I would be interested to read that.


I should probably be clear that, in all likelihood, I am NOT going to buy this. It would be a strain on my budget at the moment. But I'm still a bit torn, because it really does seem like an excellent deal, definitely the best one I've seen among those DIY supercombos so far. I could make it work financially, but I'd need to know that this is a worthwhile endeavor.

Thanks TAY, as always, I humbly await your response.

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